Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Sometimes in life things just happen.

We don't know why. We don't know how.

Most of the time we don't even ask questions.

It just happens.

Other times we question God and ask.

Other times we just accept that God has a plan and just go with it.

(photo and product courtesy of cherryblvd)

That's what's happening right now on my journey thru the 'land in between'.
(that's another posting that will come later).

With my crafting, I've just been going with the flow for a while. Some things I'm pursuing and making happen. Other things have just sort of fell into place and I accept them for a part of the bigger picture.

But wait ......

I have a secret.

Don't tell anyone.

......... wait .........


By some unique, unmistakeably, cool coincidence this awesome blogger mom (hi dawn!) found my products and contacted me..... LITTLE OL' ME .....! and wanted to share my products with HER readers!

I'm always very ecstatic when people like my toddler towels but even more humbled and thrilled beyond belief that someone would like them enough to write a whole column on my products and share them with her readers!


Dawn over at Mom-A-Logues is gracious enough to review my products, I encourage all of you to visit her site and snoop around. So many cool products over there! (Be sure to tell her I sent you!)


If you have received or bought anything from me, I'm curious how you like your product. I hope it met your needs and wants and exceeded your expectations. I put a lot of thought into almost every detail of my products. I make sure that you come back and purchase something from me not because it wore out but because you loved it so much you wanted another one!

(PS: Dawn will be debuting my products by weeks end so please visit her blog and my blog and fb page often!) I'm feeling generous again! What could be next?

AND I'm estimating that I'll hit the 100 friends mark on by fb page within a week so stay tuned for that awesome giveaway!


(and another woop-woop!!)



Shannau said...

Whoop Whoop!! Mom-A-Logues sent me! You have such fab bibs and towels!

Unknown said...

Dawn from Mom-A-lougues sent me! All of your work is so cute!

Linda R. said...

Dawn from Mom-A-Lougues sent me! I love your hooded towels.

Brenda said...

Dawn from Mom-A-Logues sent me. Your Etsy shop is very cute.

2bufa4u said...

Dawn from Mom-a-logues sent me! Love your hooded towels :)

Anne N. said...

Dawn from Mom-a-Logues sent me! Love your adorable hooded towels and bibs! TY

sarah shult said...

Dawn from Mom-a-louges sent me! Thank you

Anonymous said...

Dawn from Mom-A-Louges sent me to your blog I love your bibs and towels they are so unique and I really hope I win one

Cassie said...

Dawn from Mom-A-Logues sent me. Thanks for the giveaway!

Mrs. Cardenas said...

dawn from momalogues sent me!thanks!

Rebecka Lozano said...

Dawn from Mom-a-Logues sent me thanks!!!!

Aline Grigorian said...

Dawn from Mom-A-Logues sent me.

Ashley N said...

mom-a-logues sent me