Tuesday, January 03, 2012

2012 Goals

♥ Greetings! ♥

... and welcome to a new year full of excitement and wonders!

I know I'm not the only one with new goals and a expectations for the new year. That's a given. What the challenge is to keep those goals and exceed our own expectations of what our life will be like in 3 months, 6 months or even next year.

I've read a few other blogs on creative ways to display your new years resolutions: type it up and display it in a pretty frame, hang it on the fridge, etc. Eventually after a few weeks of looking at that pretty frame, it becomes a piece of art and blends right in with the rest of your decor! Don't get me wrong, it's a great idea. I might do it myself. But every month, change the words you typed up. Move it to another room. Hang it in the bathroom where you'll look at it more. You get the picture!


(photo courtesy of Kathy at thedreamygiraffe)


Ok. You're sold on the idea of the whole picture frame idea and decide to type up your resolution in some pretty font and found some really awesome picture to put your text over. "Weightloss" "Loose 20" "Sugar is Bad". Good goals! All a positive life change! Don't stop there. You've made the commitment to something but now you have to backtrack.

A goal of paying off your credit card is great! But how do you make sure you succeed at that goal? .... only eat out once per month ..... no more shoe shopping ...... have a rummage sale ..... Awesome! You see the point now right? Hold on. You're committed to only eating out once a month, but how is that going to help pay off your credit card? Now your goal maybe should be adjusted to say something like "I will pay off my credit card by December 30 by increasing my monthly payment to $xxx."

Goals! Realistic Goals! Know your weaknesses. Know your strengths. Setting a final goal of loosing 40 pounds in 3 months might be ok for someone on the Biggest Looser or someone that has that much time to dedicate. But is it realistic for ME to loose that much in that short of time?

Also recognize triggers that could set you back. Don't visit the mall when all the stores are having a sidewalk sale. Don't go down the cookie aisle if you love chocolate. But also remember that we're all human. We have set backs. Oh well! Get over it and get back on track!

Make your resolution a priority. Make changing your life a priority.


(photo courtesy of Kate from chicalookate)


No more wining about how things suck right now. No more wishing you had a better car or bigger house. If that's what you want, set goals! Write out how you can get a better car. Be exact! Be creative! But no matter what your new years resolution is, make it a reality.

If you're happy where you're at and have your dream house and big car and 2.4 kids ... good for you! Now what? Life is an ever changing journey that should not stop just because you're happy where you're at and what you've done. Keep going!

♥ Happy Blessings! ♥

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